Photos from Western Sahara
by wsnomad

Tea ceremony

The Sahrawi tea ceremony is spontaneous and relaxed, nevertheless elegant. It is the centre of spiritual gravity in their everyday life. Somebody begins to make tea. If this somebody is the host or hostess or a guest, it doesn’t matter. At a ceremony people usually drink three little cups of tea one after another. It is said that the first cup tastes as bitter as life, the second as sweet as love and the third as soft as death.

-- Tea is poured into cups several times from a high position. It looks elegant and in this way tea becomes foamy, a sort of decoration. Only boiled water without sugar doesn’t become foamy.



-- Immediately after the tea ceremony the utensils are washed and wiped. They are again ready for use.


by wsnomad | 2008-03-27 05:02 | Culture
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